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Backflow Systems

Backflow preventer testing, image courtesy of Patriot Fire Protection

Backflow Systems provide controls to prevent Sprinkler System water from contaminating fresh water sources.

Designed to maintain water pressure in a building’s fire sprinkler system while making sure the water doesn’t flow back into the plumbing or fresh water source and contaminate it, correctly installed reliable backflow systems are essential to any sprinkler system. Regular inspections and routine maintenance of your backflow systems keeps your water supply safe while assuring your sprinkler system is at the ready to fight a fire. FSSC will help you select the right Sprinkler and Backflow System for your facility’s needs – and assure they are correctly installed, inspected and maintained. REQUEST MORE INFO

FSSC technicians are certified to work on backflow testing facilities; a public school facility pictured
New backflow system installation at medical marijuana business
Sometimes systems fail because component parts fail. Sometimes the installer gets it wrong. Sometimes it’s just age. No matter what the cause, we can fix the problems.
We’ve been repairing systems successfully for nearly half a century.​
Examples of typical Backflow System repairs
Backflow System leak at national brand department store
“I work at the Eldorado Hotel, there was a pin hole leak in the main fire supply line. When I called Fire Safety Sales they arrived in 30 minutes, measured the section of pipe and arrived the following morning to install it. Great customer service, wore masks the entire time, and were professional, courteous, and friendly. Thank you for the great work.”
– David Pfeifer, Eldorado Hotel