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Exit Lighting Systems

Warehouse emergency exit lighting fixture

Lighting to identify Exits and provide reliable light in Emergencies

Whether the emergency is an internal electrical system failure, a utility outage, a fire or threat to the building, emergency lighting instruments show occupants where exits are and can also provide battery sourced emergency illumination of spaces to reduce panic and facilitate a safe escape.

Emergency lighting is about saving lives, so codes and code officials are strict about installation standards, maintenance, regular inspections and fast repairs, whether for existing, newly constructed or renovated buildings. 


FSSC technicians installing and repairing Code-approved Exit Lighting fixtures.
We’ve seen first-hand the consequences of poorly installed or maintained fire protection systems over the decades. Our commitment is to keep your systems in top shape and to keep you safe.
Examples of typical Lighting System repairs
Emergency Exit Lighting is the first thing a Fire Marshall checks in a Code inspection.
“Fire Safety’s service made the Fire Department’s inspection a breeze! We called Fire Safety to recharge existing fire extinguishers in our 1800 sq ft office space ahead of the City’s fire inspection. Their team arrived on time, assessed the 2-story space quickly and let us know our options for compliance. We learned that two of our four extinguishers (due to old plastic fittings, could explode under pressure) and metal Exit signs did not meet current code, (due to shock risks). They quickly installed new compliant/battery backup signs, supplied and hung two newly-tagged metal handle extinguishers, and took the other extinguishers to be recharged. Professional Expertise, Courteous and Fast service.”
– Michelle Mosser, BrandNature