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Kitchen Hood Systems

A 11-tank wet chemical kitchen fire protection system

Fire Suppression Systems to extinguish fires in restaurants, food processing kitchens and food trucks

Fires need fuel, oxygen, and heat – and all three are almost always present in restaurant and industrial kitchens and food processing facilities, so the danger of fire is constant. The fastest and most reliable way to stop a kitchen fire is a kitchen hood fire suppression system. Like a sprinkler system, it will detect excessive heat or out of control flames, activate and extinguish a fire by depriving it of fuel and starving it of oxygen, spraying wet chemicals that cover the flame. Kitchen hood systems further remove potential fuel by turning off the gas to all appliances. These systems can also be manually triggered and can cut off the power to every appliance near the hood, preventing shock hazards or sparks that could start another fire. Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems are almost always required in restaurants (by Code), but are also installed in stadiums, hotels, churches, conference centers, and other places where food is prepared. And New Mexico Fire Code now requires that all food trucks have certified fire suppression systems. REQUEST MORE INFO

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The Kitchen Knight II Fire Suppression System from Pyro-Chem
The Badger Range Guard Wet Chemical Fire Protection System is designed for kitchen customization – whether for fine dining, hotel, stadium, campus, or food truck applications.

We consider these kitchen hood system brands to be the most dependable in the industry – and are trained and certified to install and maintain their systems:

Sometimes systems fail because component parts fail. Sometimes the installer gets it wrong. Sometimes it’s just age. No matter what the cause, we can fix the problems.
We’ve been repairing systems successfully for nearly half a century.​

Examples of typical Kitchen Hood System repairs

Examples of typical Kitchen Hood System repairs
An older Ansul Restaurant Fire Suppression System that corroded and started leaking
“Scott and all the gang are simply the best in NM. When starting my restaurant, I dealt with several of the major in the state, and I know for a fact, FSSC is the best in the business. I was working with the new kid in town (hired, trained and fired by FSSC), and was almost led astray to the tune of thousands of dollars. Scott has the plumbing knowledge for any situation. Are you kidding? What else could you want? They also have intimate knowledge with the inspection process and are on a first name basis with the inspectors. Lastly, these guys have heart. They are carrying debt for restaurants all over NM while trying to survive the pandemic. Good people.”
– David Thom, Uncle DT’s Smokehouse