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Sprinkler Systems

Fire suppression system, courtesy of Alpine Fire

Sprinkler Systems for industrial, hospitality, government, retail, event, and museum settings

A sprinkler system includes a pressurized water supply, distribution piping and sprinkler heads which spray water. Sprinkler systems can be wet in which water is always present in the distribution pipes, or dry” in which the water is only forced into distribution pipes when the system is triggered. Pre-action systems distribute water throughout the system when heat is detected, but open only those sprinklers near the fire. A “deluge” sprinkler system sprays water from every sprinkler in the system. Sprinkler systems in recently constructed buildings also require complex backflow systems to assure that sprinkler system water never enters the main water supply. REQUEST MORE INFO

How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work, courtesy of Science World
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How a Pre-Action Sprinkler System works – from Johnson Controls

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How a Deluge Sprinkler System works – from Johnson Controls

Sometimes systems fail because component parts fail. Sometimes the installer gets it wrong. Sometimes it’s just age. No matter what the cause, we can fix the problems.
We’ve been repairing systems successfully for nearly half a century.​
Examples of typical Sprinkler System repairs
A dry sprinkler system compressor installed incorrectly on the client’s floor
A dry sprinkler system leaking ceiling valve
An obsolete, corroded dry sprinkler system valve
A restaurant sprinkler system where a previous contractor drilled into the pipe, voiding the equipment warranty.
“As the Facility Manager at Meow Wolf LLC Santa Fe, I can, without a doubt, say that Scott of Fire Safety Sales (and his lovely team) have always gone far and beyond to help us keep our buildings safe and operating optimally. We are always working on tight deadlines and this company has delivered the most dedicated customer service to aid us in accomplishing our goals. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with strong local businesses such as this one!”
– Shauna Pearson, Meow Wolf